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OpenNTF Documentation Posted

Devin Olson  April 11 2017 09:37:20 AM
The OpenNTF documentation (javadoc) stuff is really nice, and quite helpful.

The only problem is I can never seem to find it when I need it, especially when working in multiple VMs on multiple machines.  

This leads to going and finding the download (and I can never remember where I put it).  Then I have to extract the zip file, and navigate through the extracted content to find index.html, just so I can load it up and then finally hunt down the thing I'm interested in.   I was thinking it sure would be nice if somebody put this online in an easy to find place.  Then I remembered I have this site called Learning XPages.  

So, yeah.

I'm feeling a bit sheepish for not having done this already.  

The links are over there on the right, under the "Links" heading.  

You're welcome.
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