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MWLUG 2017: Session Slides for AD101 - Big Data with Graph, IBM Domino, and OpenNTF API

Devin Olson  August 10 2017 07:45:07 AM

I was very honored to have been able to present this session at MWLUG 2017 in Washington, DC.

What do IBM Watson, Bluemix, LinkedIn, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, Wal-Mart, eHarmony, and Amazon all have in common? They all have Billions of records; and they all use Graph technology to manage those records. Graph excels at quickly processing huge numbers of records. Even if don’t fully understand how Graph databases work, you will want to attend this session to learn how the amazing capabilities of Graph that are already built into the OpenNTF Domino API (ODA) can EASILY deliver unique solutions for your own Notes/Domino environment. This session will introduce the fundamentals of Graph, explain how graph can be applied to NSF data using the ODA, and demonstrate some techniques to implement graph on your next project.

Session Slides now available at Slideshare: https://www.slideshare.net/redpillnow/big-datawithgraphs

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