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To protect our members and our network from unsolicited e-mail (spam), we have put measures in place to restrict the distribution of e-mail containing spam and potentially harmful viruses to our members. If we review a restricted e-mail address or domain and determine, based on the information available, that it does not pose a current unacceptable risk to our members or our network, the e-mail address or domain can be "whitelisted" and, therefore, e-mail delivery will be allowed to the intended recipient.


"No one lights a lamp and hides it..." Luke 8:16


DNS Blacklist Information

This site uses DNS Blacklists as part of a multi-layered defense against spam.

This site also uses DNS Whitelists.

If you have received an automated response indicating that an email you sent has been rejected by our DNS Blacklist filters; you may request to be added to our DNS Whitelists here.

Note: DNS Blacklists are based entirely on IP address information and historical analysis. No scanning of email content is performed. If an IP address is identified as an open relay or as a source of viruses or email spam it may be listed in a DNSBL. Each DNSBL has its own listing criteria. In most cases an IP will only be listed if multiple reports of abusive behaviour have been reported.